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Remember, the more information provided will lead to an end product with more desired results. Please list any specification you are attempting to meet below. Also, please provide a copy of the spec when you submit this form as it will provide application and performance specifics necessary for meeting your request. Thank you. *
Application Parameters: Please include application method, substrate, surface cleaning system, acceptable lab cleaning method, surface pretreatment, flash off time, and cure method or cycles.
Appearance Requirements: Please include gloss and color.
Performance Requirements: Please include exterior exposure requirements, corrosion resistance, QUV, Adhesion test method, chemical resistance, dry film thickness, pencil hardness, and lubricity.
Environmental Requirements: Please include VOC limit and any banned, targeted, or restricted materials.
Material Requirements: Please include product price target.
Processing Requirements: Please include equipment requirements, filtering and handling, and finished product reporting requirements.
Packaging Requirements: Please include whether the container(s) and/or label(s) will be supplied to Sandstrom or if Sandstrom will be responsible for supplying these items.
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