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At Sandstrom, every department is responsible for providing exceptional service. Our chemists use the best equipment available to solve your challenges. And our associates on the manufacturing floor and in customer service are ready to do the same. We don’t just take orders. We start at square one to figure out what’s best for you, clearing whatever hurdles stand between you and your ultimate success. We’re small enough to deliver even if you aren’t looking for major volume—and big enough to provide world-class results. Tell us your problem and we’ll help figure out the best solution. 

Solutions Center
  • Solutions Center

When it comes to research and development, you can count on our Solutions Center to deliver.

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Toll Production
  • Toll Production

If you’re interested in a toll production partnership, we’re ready to make it successful.

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Private Label
  • Private Label

At Sandstrom, we’re ready to partner with you to deliver the private label manufacturing you’re looking for. 

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Lab Services
  • Lab Services

Our expert staff have the specialized instrumentation it takes to tackle just about any challenge. 

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Technical Support
  • Technical Support

Sandstrom can provide the technical assistance that can help you succeed.

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  • Repacking

Sandstrom provides fulfillment services such as kitting and repackaging products with quick turnarounds and on time deliveries. 

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Industries Served

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