Applicator Program

Applicator Program.

Interested in partnering with Sandstrom as an accredited applicator? You’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

What is the Accredited Applicator Program?

Initiated on January 1, 2011, the Sandstrom Accreditation Program recognizes quality applicators of Sandstrom SFLs. In return for their commitment to quality application of Sandstrom's products, accredited applicators are eligible to receive business referrals.
Business Referrals: Coatings customers who contact Sandstrom will be directed to accredited applicators who have shown expertise in applying Sandstrom products. In effect, this will ensure that the quality of Sandstrom coatings are not compromised by ineffective preparation or poor application.

Accreditation Requirements:

No overdue Accounts Receivable
NADCAP Accreditation or ISO Certification or all of the following:

* Proof is given through an applicator's preparation of a coupon, which is evaluated by the Sandstrom lab. After evaluation, the lab will return the coupon for application of coating. Once the coating is applied, the Sandstrom lab will perform another evaluation of the finished product and provide a recommendation for approval. Test results for applied coatings will be evaluated based on Sandstrom batch testing done for the specific coating requirements of the product used.
Lab evaluations test for conformance to military or aerospace specifications. The following conformance tests are run:

Note: Applicator capabilities to cure (air dry or heat) may determine additional evaluation methods.

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