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To learn a little more about us, take a look at these answers to frequently asked questions. And if you want to know whether Sandstrom is the right choice for your next challenge, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.   

Is there a minimum order requirement?

There is not a minimum order requirement for stock solid film lubricants. You can purchase just 1 aerosol of 28A, for instance, or just 1 quart of 9A. For specialized or custom products, please call us Toll Free 1.800.747.1084 or contact us to obtain pricing to meet your volume needs.

How do I obtain a quote?

Please utilize our 'Request a Quote' page on this website next to the Resources tab. You can also email our Customer Service Team  or call them Toll Free 1.800.747.1084. We also accept RFQs via fax at 309.523.3912. 

What are Solid Film Lubricants?

Solid Film Lubricants are high performance "paint-like" coatings consisting of very fine particles of lubricating pigments blended with a binder and other special additives. When properly cured these lubricants bond to the surface of a part and form a solid film which reduces friction and increases wear life. Many Sandstrom solid film lubricants also contain corrosion inhibitors which offer exceptional corrosion protection in harsh environments.

How does a Solid Film Lubricant work?

Solid Film Lubricants reduce friction and wear by preventing surface-to-surface contact between mating parts.

How thick is the film?

Most Sandstrom Solid Film Lubricants yield a film thickness of .0002 to .0005 inches. Usually engineering tolerances will permit necessary minimum film buildup without interference. If excess buildup does occur, the part can be burnished lightly.

How are Solid Film Lubricants applied?

Solid Film Lubricants may be sprayed, dipped, or in some cases brushed to a properly prepared surface.

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