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Benefits of a Heat Cured Coating

The resin systems of a heat cured coating will typically yield greater performance properties (e.g., Operating Temperature Range, Corrosion Protection, Wear Life, Load Carry, Chemical and Fluid Resistance) than an air dry coating.

General Tips and Cautions:

None of our coatings should be baked in anything other than a Class A oven, which is specially designed for flammable or combustible materials. Use of any other type of oven could result in serious bodily injury or property damage. Ensure the oven is properly vented before starting.
We offer coatings that can be heat cured at temperatures ranging from 250°F to 480°F.  Do NOT choose a coating that will subject metals or other substrates to temperatures that may adversely affect the substrate’s inherent properties.
Start timing when the part reaches temperature, not when the part is placed into the Class A oven, unless otherwise instructed.
Prior to application of the coatings, determine the best surface preparation (phosphate, anodize, etc.) for the substrate and the desired performance characteristics.
Permanent coatings should not be used in conjunction with oils or greases unless field use instructs otherwise.
Sandstrom Dry Film Lubricants are not suitable for surfaces that may contact food or on food-processing or food-handling equipment.

  • molybdenum disulfide coatings

  • 9A

Designed in tandem with the Rock Island Arsenal during the early 1960s, 9A was originally developed for use in weapons support. However, its exceptional wear life, corrosion protection and chemical & fluid resistance properties have earned it widespread use in the industrial market as well. 9A should be used only on substrates that can withstand the necessary high baking temperatures.

9A is listed on PRI’s aerospace QPL for SAE AS5272 Type II, Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type II.

Cure Time: 1 Hour          Cure Temp: @ 400°


  • #099

When stringent environmental regulations or substrate temperature limitations preclude the use of other Sandstrom Dry Film Lubricants, use #099 as a lead-free, low-VOC waterborne, low curing temperature coating option. Offering wear life, corrosion protection and chemical & fluid resistance properties comparable to those of 9A and LC-300, #099 is known to be applied even to components of advanced multi-role fighter aircraft designed for all-weather climates.

#099 is listed on PRI’s aerospace QPL for SAE AS5272 Type III, Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type III.

#099 is listed on the United States’ Dept. of Defense QPL for MIL-PRF-46010 Color 1, NATO Code S-1738. A qualified MIL-PRF-46010 Color 2 is not currently available from Sandstrom or any other manufacturer. Please see our FAQs for more information on Color 2.

Cure Time: 1 Hour          Cure Temp: @ 400°F

                   OR 2 Hours                      @ 300°F


  • LC-300

The advanced resin system in Sandstrom’s LC-300 is proven to offer superior corrosion protection, longer endurance life and a broader operating temperature range over comparable competitor products, which is likely why it was chosen for application on the landing gear of the space shuttle fleet. LC-300 should be used when the substrate cannot withstand the baking temperatures of 9A.

LC-300 is listed on PRI’s aerospace QPL for SAE AS5272 Type I, Formerly MIL-L-46010 Type I, Formerly MIL-L-8937.

Cure Time: 1 Hour          Cure Temp: @ 300°


  • Hi-T 650

Providing a broader operating temperature range than our other stock Dry Film Lubricants, Hi-T 650 can withstand temps up to 750°F and intermittently to 1200°F. Hi-T 650 offers curing versatility – it can be either air dried or heat cured at numerous time/temp combinations; however, heat curing at the time/temp listed above offers maximum cure for highest performance to reduce galling and wear.

Each batch of Hi-T 650 is tested in accordance with and qualified to PWA 550.

Cure Time: 1 Hour          Cure Temp: @ 480°


  • 9A-XF

Similar to 9A in its performance properties, 9A-XF’s altered makeup provides higher viscosity and extra fine particles of molybdenum disulfide. Sandstrom 9A-XF is specially designed to be used as a protective coating for heavy machinery or other components that require a sacrificial break-in coating for operational startup and excessive wear early in the life of the components. Users of this product like that it quickly develops a burnished film due to the small particles of MoS2, which assist in reducing the coefficient of friction between contact areas in the early life of the application.

Cure Time: 1 Hour          Cure Temp: @ 400°



  • Poxylube® #887

One of the most recent additions to the Sandstrom Dry Film Lubricant line, Poxylube® #887 provides a unique satin texture with a highly attractive smooth finish achieved in an accelerated cure time of only 20 minutes. The handsome finish on this PTFE product does not deter from its strong performance characteristics in adhesion, hardness, slip resistance and chemical resistance (including resistance to Skydrol).

Potential applications for Poxylube® #887 include latch mechanisms, fasteners, magazines, conveyor belt chutes, easily cleanable paneling for computer cases or office equipment, permanent mold release, air pump pistons, laboratory equipment, tools, brake caliper assemblies, motorcycle foot peg assemblies, air filter enclosures, fan blades and boxes, clip boards, air hockey tables and parts containers.

Cure Time: 20 Minutes          Cure Temp: @ 300°


  • #103

A ready-to-apply spray application coating, #103 maintains its viscosity at varying temperatures. Sandstrom #103 offers some of the highest corrosion protection for manganese phosphate and grit blasted bare steel of the Sandstrom Dry Film Lubricant line. It also provides chemical resistance to Skydrol and brake fluid. Automotive starter shafts are coated with #103 to eliminate galling and corrosion of the metal substrate.

Cure Time: 30 Minutes          Cure Temp: @ 350°F

                    OR 15 Minutes                         @ 400°F


  • Poxylube® #859

Poxylube® #859 is an easy-to-apply heavy duty protective PTFE coating that can be purchased in multiple colors. Its superior mar resistance and corrosion protection have earned its application on tens of thousands of various gun magazines every month. Custom colors are available per volume-based orders.

Cure Time: 1 Hour          Cure Temp: @ 300°


  • Poxylube® #800

Uniquely proficient on brass applications, Poxylube® #800 delivers impact resistance and remains adhered when metals encounter denting. This LOX-compatible, easy-to-apply coating is utilized by the U.S. Navy on its diving equipment.

Cure Time: 1 Hour          Cure Temp: @ 300°F

                   OR 15 Minutes                 @ 400°F


  • MOLY & GRAPHITE BLEND coatings

  • Sandstrom #170

Designed to meet Boeing BMS 3-8 requirements for process specification BAC 5811, this waterborne solid film lubricant is tough enough to operate effectively between -100°F to +500°F. Use where high loads are expected and low friction is a must. 


  • GRAPHITE Coatings

  • #75C

Exhibiting low friction and offering excellent conductivity, Sandstrom #75C must be cured by using infrared bulbs or moving hot air across the surface. Due to the graphite in #75C, corrosion protection is limited; however, it offers excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of fluids including Skydrol, brake fluid and aviation fluids.

Cure Time: 1 Hour               Cure Temp: @ 400°


  • #329

Sandstrom #329 inorganic, waterborne coating is uniquely designed to reduce wear and prevent galling and seizing of metal surfaces in environments with nuclear radiation or extreme temperatures, such as the aerospace industry, including spaceflight applications. It offers ZERO VOCs and is lead free.

Each batch of #329 is tested in accordance with and conforms to MIL-PRF-81329, NATO Code S-1737.

Cure Time: 2 Hours         Cure Temp: @ 175°

followed by

Cure Time:  2 Hours        Cure Temp: @ 300°              


  • L270 Series

Sandstrom offers the L270 line of inorganic, waterborne coatings designed to withstand temperatures up to 400°C and 600°C and thermal shock for compatibility with liquid oxygen. These LOX compatible coatings are for use in extreme environments where the substrate is exposed to temperatures cycling in and out of intense heat. Applications have included aerospace, including aviation and spaceflight, and automotive components.

L277 - Cure Time: 35 to 45 mintues Cure Temp: Up to 350°F

L278 (Gray or Black) - Cure Time: 35 to 45 mintues Cure Temp: Up to 350°F

L279 - Cure Time: 35 to 45 mintues Cure Temp: Up to 350°F

For additional product information please visit Heat / Chemical Resistant Coatings.

  • Slick Fast 345

Series E345 is a 2-part air/force dry epoxy product designed to reduce friction on mating, moving parts. The product is designed to be dispensed through an automated mixing device.


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