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Benefits of an Ambient Cure Coating

Components that are too large to fit into an oven can be coated with an air dry Solid Film Lubricants to obtain the performance properties desired from a bonded coating.
When in field use precludes application of a heat cured coating, an air dry coating offers the protection desired without the hassle of pulling equipment or components from the field.
Substrates that cannot withstand heat curing temperatures can still have improved performance characteristics when coated with an air dry coating.

General Tips and Cautions:

The functional properties of heat cured coatings exceed those of ambient cure coatings. Therefore, use a heat cured coating when possible to achieve the highest performance.
When air drying a DFL, apply the following ideal conditions to ensure the best cure:

Air, Part, and Product Temperature of 77°F +/- 5°F
Air at ≤ 70% Relative Humidity
When these ideal conditions cannot be met in the field, longer dry times are necessary to obtain optimum performance.

Prior to application of the coating, determine the best surface preparation (phosphate, anodize, etc.) for the substrate and the desired performance characteristics.
Permanent coatings should not be used in conjunction with oils or greases unless field use instructs otherwise.
Sandstrom Dry Film Lubricants are not suitable for surfaces that may contact food or on food-processing or food-handling equipment.

  • 28A - One Product, 2 Specs - No Minimum Order

Sandstrom 28A is used more than any other Sandstrom product by the U.S. Department of Defense due to the excellent corrosion resistance and load carrying capacity it offers for convenient and practical in-field application.


            28A is listed on the United States’ Dept. of Defense QPL for MIL-L-23398 Types I & II, NATO Code S-749.

            • 28A is listed on the United States’ Dept. of Defense QPL for MIL-PRF-46147 Type I Color 1 Forms 1 & 2.


Sandstrom 28A Solid Film Lubricant is a lacquer-like lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting pigments. This air drying material prevents corrosion, galling, seizing and fretting. It is a low-friction coating that exhibits long wear life when operated at -320°F to +300°F under loads exceeding 100,000 psi. Sandstrom 28A should be applied where baking with the longer wearing, heat cured #099, Sandstrom 9A or LC-300 is not desirable or practical. Once 28A has been applied to a properly prepared surface and allowed to cure, it is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion, acids, oils and degreasers. Sandstrom 28A can be applied to all metallic and non-metallic surfaces by spray application.

Once 28A has been applied to a properly prepared surface and allowed to cure, it is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion, acids, oils and degreasers. Sandstrom 28A can be applied to all metallic and non-metallic surfaces by spray application. 

Offered in bulk dispersion, aerosol cans or marker pens (now includes a brush tip), Sandstrom 28A is toxic heavy metals and HAP-solvent free. *See Technical Data Sheet for more details.

Brief Product History: Sandstrom 28A replaced the discontinued Sandstrom #238 in 2013.  In 2008,  Sandstrom 28A replaced Sandstrom 27A and was qualified to MIL-PRF-46147. Sandstrom 27A was preceded by Sandstrom 26A, which was retired in 1991.


  • Hi-T 650

Providing a broader operating temperature range than our other stock Dry Film Lubricants , Hi-T 650 can withstand temps up to 750°F and intermittently to 1200°F. Hi-T 650 offers curing versatility – it can be either air dried or heat cured at numerous time/temp combinations; however, heat curing at the time/temp listed above offers maximum cure for highest performance to reduce galling and wear.

Each batch of Hi-T 650 is tested in accordance with and qualified to PWA 550.

Cure Time: 72 Hours

Coating Pigment: MoS2


  • Poxylube® #820

Available in both Black and Clear, Poxylube® #820 is a solvent-borne, PTFE lubricant that offers over 750 hours of corrosion protection over steel with a zinc phosphate. It also passes the fluid tests in accordance with MIL-PRF-46147, which proves its excellent chemical resistance properties.

Cure Time: 6 Hours

Coating Pigment: PTFE


  • Poxylube® #835

Recommended for applications requiring an environmentally safe coating, Poxylube® #835 is a waterborne, PTFE coating convenient for in-field application or on substrates that cannot be subjected to heat curing. It is known for providing excellent surface slip coating.

Cure Time: 24 Hours

Coating Pigment: PTFE



Sandstrom CP-LUBE (Poxylube® CP-200) coats without the contamination of dust or debris pick-up associated with oils or other liquid coatings. The dry film clings to all metallic and nonmetallic surfaces and is not affected by water or normal temperature fluctuations. Ideal for use on moving, sliding or connecting parts in industrial or home application projects. A unique stainless steel spray needle is available as an optional attachment for easier insertion and for those hard to reach areas. 


  • Poxylube® #303

Poxylube® 303 is a high performance 2 component water reducible urethane.


  • Slick Fast 345

Series E345 is a 2-part air/force dry epoxy product designed to reduce friction on mating, moving parts. The product is designed to be dispensed through an automated mixing device.


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