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Please note that this search is a sample of the specifications Sandstrom's products meet. If you have a question about whether our product meets a specification or if you have a specification that our product meets that you would like to see added to this search, please contact our technical service staff at 1-800-747-1084.
If you are having problems finding what you are looking for, try products with/without dashes, enter only a portion of the number or word you are searching for, and/or resist from using abbreviations of a spec'ing company's name. Also, please notify us of any potential search improvements we can make to assist you in your search as we want to make your search as helpful as possible.
Spec'd By (or entity that holds the specification): Boeing, Department of Defense, NSN, etc.
Specification (number): MIL-L-23398D, 9150-01-566-7397, etc.
Part Number (Sandstrom's part code): E199-G75, etc.
Product Name (Sandstrom's product name): 28A, LC-300, etc.
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